Design, Develop, Create

Monday, 11 February 2013

A snapshot of class activities...

The construction exercise from 2012:

DesignConstruction from Allen Higgins on Vimeo.

The following slideshow records the construction exercise and a selection of student deliverables and course overviews.

 The following slideshow records The MSD class 2010 working on the cantilever problem.

What I call "the Guindon design exercise" says something deeply important about the dynamics of design work in teams addressing partially specified problems.

A summary video of the planning poker exercise.

From 2012:

  • UCD CopiPrint (link).
  • Dublin Bus website (link).
  • The Dublin Transport Journey (link).

From 2011:

  • Adopting Mobile Applications (link).
  • Waterfall to Agile (link).

From 2010:

  • An overview of Layer functionality for augmented mobile visual services (link).
  • The final version of this presentation is also viewable (link). 
  • Another project analyising future development of Pro Evolution Soccer App (link).