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Friday, 2 October 2015

Tips on the research project

In deciding your subject matter...

Please please read through the research project guidelines document.
Make sure you conduct an empirical study before making recommendations for changes.
The point is that you should gather exploratory data prior to deciding what needs to be improved.

To quote from the guidelines doc...
...You will undertake an analysis of a pre-existing, real system and propose a redesign of the system, describing how your chosen product-system was-is-and-should-be.
Your goal is to develop specialist understanding of how to develop and manage a particular high-tech system (product and/or service system). You get to choose the subject. You take the perspective of the technology product/project manager.  This will entail a report detailing the (1) usability of the current system and (2) a proposal to redesign the system that details a prototype, and the requirements and feasibility of such a prototype.

...You choose a real-world system that contains a significant software component (e.g., must have screen feedback). Choose a real-world system that is personally interesting to you and readily accessible. You should choose a system that has a relatively limited scope. 

...a system that has only one or two interactions may be too simple for a project.

Regarding your proposed changes; they should be based on an analysis of the existing situation e.g. based on your research exercise. You should be able to name the elements of the existing system and sketch them before proposing a new system.