Design, Develop, Create

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Exercise: design and planning game

To demonstrate and experience one particular process of planning in a team environment where knowledge and expertise is distributed among team members.

  • Product Owner: Product owner judges the trade-off between value and timing of features. Will engage in discussions at the PLANNING GAME, prioritising and valuing features. Is authoritative to accept a feature as developed or NOT.
  • Architect: Architect identifies links between features, architectural/design and delivery elements. Creates diagrams linking Features (F) with architectural elements (A) and deliverables (D).
  • Lead Developer and extra developers if available: Developers provide estimates of effort and risk for design-delivery elements. Have important domain knowledge and suggests needed features. Is authoritative on estimates for effort or time of a design-delivery element.
  • Scrum Master: Scrum master (or someone assigned) will turn feature and development stories into a planning chart and highlight the critical path.
The Scum master keeps the PLANNING GAME focused by:
  • asking “what (F) features do we need?”
  • asking “what (D) deliverables satisfy (F)?”
  • asking “how does (A) architecture link (F) & (D)?”
Allocate approximately
Feature Discussion (5 minutes)
Design-delivery discussion (~5 minutes)
Architecture discussion (~5 minutes)
Decide backlog (~10 minutes)

~10’ Discussion: group pairs report progress to the whole class.
Was there a perfect solution?

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