Design, Develop, Create

Monday, 18 May 2015

Exercise: Retrospective

To understand the activities that occupied our time on the most recent project.

This exercise should be run at a milestone or conclusion for a development project. It can be carried out individually or in small groups.
Allocate at approximately 30” to run this exercise.

Provide one copy of Allan Kelly's dialogue sheet to each group.

Follow the steps on the dialogue sheet and produce an activity/timeline sketch for the project.

A single A4 sheet of paper upon which each student/group creates their own activity/timeline sketch and learnings list. Write your name(s) on the sheet.

Learning Outcomes and Reflection:
At the end of completing the exercise the tutor can gather the diagrams, group and display them during discussion using a document projector. Alternatively select student/groups to show, talk about and explain their diagrams to the class.

Practical Aim:
Identify the key characteristics of collaborative design and production projects.

Cross reference: 
Systems development life cycle notes and Systems Development Life Cycle Analysis

Retrospectives from the Learn/Design/Construct exercise: