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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Getting stuck in a problem

Getting stuck, stuck in a problem, is how creative problem solving occurs. The article by Kendra Shimmell underscores the value of us directly engaging deeply with a problem with all its messy complications, with no certainty even that we will solve it, in order to arrive at our own understanding or solutions.

"Learning by Design: It's Not What You Know, But How You Think" by Kendra Shimmell

The approach Shimmell describes is the complete antithesis of rote learning, or learning off answer 'patterns' to questions and challenges posed in traditional educational settings. Rather than dealing with, indeed training ourselves for, bounded well-known solvable challenges, real design is done amidst the messy uncertainty of possibly evolving contexts, anxiety, doubt and the unknown.

A certain quantum of bravery (and ignorance) is needed, along with hard slog, inspiration and serendipity.