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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Starting a Tech Business by Alex Cowan

Alex Cowan's recent book on starting a tech business is one of the most practical guides I have found. This book brings it all together but in a way that is engaging, relevant, current, and, if it's not too difficult to believe, in a FUN way.
Cowan's highly recommended "Starting a Tech Business".

Alex's metaphors for each of the main periods the business undergoes are quirky yet insightful. The metaphors resonate because they capture an element of the truth. For example; The Lawn Gnome of Indolence, the Butterfly of Incoherence, Chihuahua of Unruly Development, and the Hydra of Operational Readiness; each of these metaphors says something, as wry but insightful observations on the character and challenges involved in tech business at different times.

Highly recommended as a guidance for entrepreneurs starting out on systems development or a tech business for the first time or even as a framework to refresh an existing business, product, system, etc.