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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

I want to get the "Blue Box"! Inside Adobe's Kickbox

It feels like a direct invitation, permission if you will, to go and take the time to do 'that thing' that you think should be done, that you care about, that annoys you enough to innovate. Adobe has developed an 'idea launch kit' because they felt they weren't failing enough, weren't learning enough from the market.
"We should be failing more, because there's a lot of opportunity that we're missing" Mark Randall (2015)
One of the key concepts is to work within the product paradigm. In fact the Kickbox approach is itself treated like a product too. A 'desert island kit' to enable someone to bring innovation to fruition. Each of the contents of the red Kickbox removes a barrier to innovation. No oversight, full responsibility, full autonomy, no receipts for expenditure required! Is it a process or is it a way of thinking? Randall insists the numbered activities can be done in any order, the numbered steps in each of the 6 levels are supporting measures, checklists, challenges etc.
"Any employee can request a Kickbox – and managers are prevented from vetoing the request." (HBR, 2015

You can download the instructions and supports for your own Kickbox here...
And run your own workshop using the guides provided by Adobe here...

p.s. How would you like that as a job title "VP of Creativity"!