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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Personal Learning Journal

Personal Learning Journal:
Aim of this element of assessment is to ensure the student is able to relate the goals of the course to its content (topics, themes, readings and exercises). A secondary aim is to highlight misunderstandings or areas of persistent general difficulty.

Definition: A personal reflection should be:
  • A personal observation on own changed perspective or new understanding (or not but if not why not?)
  • A reflection on the course as a whole that looks at and reflects on what you determined to be the significant themes, theories, exercises, skills that were covered during the course.

In assessing a PLJ we might ask...
  • Is it your own written work? 
  • Excellence is evidenced by providing a compelling account of the significance of the ideas covered in the course, and your own synthesis towards a new understanding. 
  • Does the report honestly communicate your own personal learning related to the subject? 
  • Evidence of your own comments, and reflections on the concepts, themes and subject matter? 
  • At the very least it can be a summary of course themes for review.
For this exercise we purposefully do not give a word count, just a page count. A student may include an explanatory diagram for example, therefore the page count is fixed.