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Friday, 20 November 2015

UCD CITO, a seminar by Gitte Tjørnehøj. From Claudio Ciborra's "Drift" to "managing drifting digital development"

Open invitation, all welcome. A seminar by Gitte Tjørnehøj. From Ciborra's "Drift" to "managing drifting digital development" Tue 4pm MH201 UCD Smurfit

"Drift in practice - or how to manage drifting digital development"

When: Tuesday 24 November, 4-5pm (click here to download the event in iCal format)
Where: Room MH201, UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business, Blackrock.


Practitioners and researchers agree that we have to change our way of managing technology in organisations and the development of technology itself – but few offer answers that depart from the overarching rational paradigms of the past. Taking inspiration from Ciborra’s approach we direct our attention away from organisational frameworks and structure, and focus instead on learning from those who 'do' - through happenings and artful coping in practice. We suggest that there is much yet to learn by studying improvisation and coping in action.

This talk gives an example of research into improvisational practice in a small IT firm as they strive to implement CMMI (one of these overarching frameworks). We analyse instances, when and how they improvised, and how they learnt from these occasions. This is not a success story but just an ordinary "day at work" with some successes and some failures.

The cover of Ciborra's "The Labyrinths of Information" (2002)

The Labyrinths of Information: Challenging the Wisdom of Systems, Claudio Ciborra (2002)
From Control to Drift: The Dynamics of Corporate Information Infrastructures, Claudio Ciborra (2001)

About the speaker:
Gitte Tjørnehøj is an assistant professor in Information Systems Management and Programme Director for the Masters in IT Management at Aalborg University (Denmark). Gitte researches socio-material innovation, IT enabled innovation, distributed systems development, software processes, and project management.

How to get to the seminar:
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