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Friday, 29 January 2016

What's in a one page research proposal?

After reading the proposal and talking about it we should be able to answer the following questions.
  • Do we know what you propose investigating? (a one sentence statement, often the title)
  • Motivation, why is it interesting? (might be something puzzling at work or a question you have)
  • What sources of data do you think will you use? (speculation is ok)
  • What kind of data do you expect to gather and how will the data be gathered? (speculation is ok)
  • In what theory, knowledge area, discipline do you start from? (provide some references to theory)
Basic structure as follows:
TITLE (a couple of words, a phrase or a short sentence)
ABSTRACT (- around 300 words - a very short 'story' from which answers to the questions above can be inferred )