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Monday, 20 May 2013

Exercise: a 30 second video

"I like (something) because..."

To get 'hands-on' experience creating a video presentation.

You have 30 minutes to produce a 30 second video.
  1. Form groups, at least one member of each group to have a laptop computer on the wireless network.
  2. Each use your own smartphone with video function
  3. Announce the objective
    • To create a video addressing a defined theme "I like the (something) because..."
    • Completed video to be 30 seconds duration or less.
Tips First try producing the video in a single take (to avoid merging different shots or doing complicated edits). Planning a video... Start by brainstorming different ideas in the group. When brainstorming:
  1. Let each member provide 2 or 3 ideas, capture each ideas with a post-it notes.
  2. Suspend your judgment until everyone has stated their idea.
  3. Next build on ideas, some ideas will be put aside at this stage.
  4. At all times be aware of your own and other's personal safety.
  5. Criticise the idea not the person.
  6. Use serial discussion, everyone has a turn, no one person dominates.
  7. Consider taking on roles but keep it democratic.
Producing a video Videos have a beginning, middle and end so consider writing a brief script. Assign roles...
  1. to write the script.
  2. to plan the shots.
  3. to film.
  4. to act.
  5. find/create props.
  6. to edit.
Do dry runs!
    Perhaps you might

      Further reading
      Here's my pitch for you to 'storyboard' and some tips on how to do it.  Storyboarding from Allen Higgins on Vimeo.