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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Homesourcing: A worker's reflection

A post by c:/ Ryan with comments reflecting on what homesourcing is really like (link).
"The perks are otherwise very nice. Fully stocked fridge, personal showers and an easy commute. What more could you ask for? The down side is that you really do have to work at maintaining personal hygiene and appearance. Its easy to get stuck in a rut of wearing pajamas all day. That is generally bad for morale and self worth. It is best to treat it like a Real Job and go ahead and shower before work, shave, and take care of yourself.
Last but not least, working remotely brings with it difficulties in communication with others. I touched on this earlier. When using just text to talk to others, there is a lot that is lost. It is way too easy to gloss over what someone else spent their valuable time writing, and then give them a response that does not dignify them at all. I've had this done to me many times, and have even done it to others without thinking. It's something that you have to be absolutely mindful of. Failure in communication precedes more failures. You must also wear a smile in your text. I've found that a simple smiley here and there really helps convey warmth."