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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Digital Storytelling: Skills Workshops for Video Production

Two Skills Workshops for Video Production covering basic points leading to introductory level knowledge.
These workshops consist of two practitioner led 2hr sessions in video skills and digital storytelling.

Dates: Afternoon Sessions 3pm-5pm: Tuesday 29/10 and Tuesday 5/11

Location: Lecture Theatre 1, Blackrock.


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To engage in the contemporary digital social networked environment organisations have adapted to new modes of communicating and engaging with clients, partners and markets. Training, explaining, persuading, and just communicating through video offers the potential for more direct and personal impressions of engagement with others. Video blogging has become a mainstream genre for communicating and engaging; the arena of organisational leadership has shifted to presentation and presentations are repurposed as videos. 


First session - preparing to film, and filming;

  • preparation & visual approach - e.g. shot list.
  • employing slideware (Powerpoint or Keynote) to mock/prototype/storyboard the project
  • how to shoot - i.e. basic guidelines for framing, camera movement, lighting etc.
  • how to get good audio
  • scripting and recording a voice-over

Between sessions – homework
shoot footage between classes, to be reviewed at the beginning of the second class.

Second sessions - using your footage - editing;

  • review of footage shot by students
  • overview of different editing options (mac, pc, iPad etc)
  • basic principles of editing
  • pacing and rhythm
  • use of soundtrack
  • uploading options - YouTube, Vimeo


Exercise: a 30 second video