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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

SILS Seminar: "Is Information Still Relevant?"

'tis it a case of too much information...
You are invited to a talk by Dr Lai Ma entitled, "Is Information Still Relevant?" based on a conference presentation delivered previously in Copenhagen, August 2013.

When Oct 10, 2013 
from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Where SILS Room 107, Belfield
Contact Name: Lai Ma

The term information in information science does not share the characteristics of those of a nomenclature: it does not bear a generally accepted definition and it does not serve as the bases and assumptions for research studies. As the data deluge has arrived, is the concept of information still relevant for information science? Three conceptual constructs are examined for exploring how information may be a useful concept in information science discourse: information as data, information as processed data, and information as justifiable claims. Information is relevant if it is understood as justifiable claims that shape and are shaped by the standards, rules, and best practices of data preservation, data curation, and other activities in the flood of data.

SILS is UCD's School of Information and Library Studies (link)