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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Data General equipment

"Downtime is the worst of all possible times... Data General, the company that engineered the anxiety out of computers" 

The EMC Westborough Data Centre closes; EMC acquired Data General in 1999 (link).

An earlier model, the Eclipse MV/2500 operating microcode diagnostics; courtesy of Stephen Merrony (link).

Some video footage of a Data General Nova and disk assemblies in operation; courtesy of Andre Schaefer (link).

Running CEO on a Data General MV/4000. CEO (Comprehensive Electronic Office software) was a productivity suite (word processor, mail, display, print, calendar, filesystem, etc); courtesy of Tommy Mademark (link).

This ad from the archives highlights the crucial role that Data General computer systems had in issues of national importance in Ireland; courtesy of Internet Lurker (link).

Kenneth Meates has one of the most awesome responsibilities in all of Dublin, Ireland...