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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Accenture Digi-Workshop and Guest Lecture

Vicky Godolphin, Head of Digital, Accenture Ireland, presented the guest lecture Tuesday (27 Oct) from 5-6pm in room MH201, Blackrock.
Handover to Vicky Godolphin on Design Led Change #accenturegrads @Accenture_Irl 
"design thinking is central to shaping customer and user experience"
Another version of Damian Newman's design squiggle
And the "Design Wiggle"?
Vicky suggested to follow up: Fjord's era of living services "liquid customer expectations"…

Vicky's talk addressed projects Accenture is involved with in the Digital space, focusing in particular on the concern and need for ID/UX/UI in digital systems (ID is 'interaction design', UX is 'user experience', and UI 'user interface')

From 4-5pm Accenture presented graduate recruitment opportunities and meet with interested students.
Conor on the industries Accenture concentrate on and A's specialisms

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