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Friday, 12 August 2016

Digital Skills and Technology for organisational configurations

This page offers pointers to some essential and interesting services that business owners, product managers and producers of digital goods should know about; some old some new (this list will grow and grow). You might think of each technology as a skill to acquire and to gain experience in too.

For example: Conversational software for persistent collaboration covers a few different application categories. The area is fast evolving with lots of feature/functionality replication washing across all the various offerings...
Team communication tools: any kind of open Wiki, Slack, Google+Hangouts, Skype, etc.
Social networking tools: FB, SnapChat, WhatsApp, Yammer, LinkedIn, etc.
Collaborative software: any kind of Wiki, plus a whole range of other products mixing database, web and markup (like wiki, structured text, restructured text, rich text, native Word, html, etc), with features like fine grained (or not) user/account/rights, workflow, content management, discussion, blogging, file systems, change tracking, versioning, tagging, bookmarking, etc.
Basic digital competencies: graphic design - the use of colour, space, perception for display, communicating, representing, aesthetics; UX, ID, UCD; the presentation structure of web pages; image editing and manipulation; information management.

Our growing list of interesting / essential digital services

@optimalworkshop Tools and approaches to managing user research

@github The most active of the quasi-open source software-service offerings for versioning digital artefacts and source code control

@sensu for monitoring operational infrastructure; control, report, configurations, availability etc

@nagiosinc, also for operational infrastructure monitoring.

@tortoisesvn Subversion (svn) + Tortoise SVN (the very nice workstation client for svn). The worthy heir to cvs; industrial strength + open source source code control and versioning system

@Zendesk 'software for better customer service'! Highly regarded I hear.

@SlackHQ Don't forget the wonderfully fluid and open ended SLACK! What is it? A kind of Lego for collective mind? Interested? Then ask to be added to

@CrazyEgg for integrating gaze heatmap and other tracking tools with website analytics.

And then there is @vtigercrm an open source web based sales and marketing platform
@mantisbt the venerable web based issue tracking system, open source, an excellent system for customer issue management.

@bugzilla another excellent problem tracking system, again, open source, web based.

@UniTuitionHQ a market for matching tutors with students at Uni level, and perhaps even secondary school?

@servicenow a scarily polished crm, issue tracking, service and it management system. Customer self-service portal system thingys.

@HP SAW. Their service access workbench has been mentioned as a 'good thing'. What they are calling 'hybrid infrastructure'.

@jetbrains Awesomely good TeamCity for continuous integration, i.e. automated build, package, test.

@Atlassian 's @JIRA issue, sprint, project, product tracking software system wonderfulness.

@trello visual to-do lists and project management in the cloud.

On the topic of CRM I suppose we should mention one of the elephants in the room @MSFTDynamics

@SonarQube (previously sonarsource) can be a useful additional tool for assessing the quality of your source code. See and demo at

@aha_io for Product Roadmap and/or project manager views of the world.

@productboard their strapline is the "Beautiful and powerful product management platform."

@moqups for wireframe designs and software mock-ups.

@balsamiq also for wireframe designs and software mock-ups.

LICEcap from @Cockos for simple animated screen captures, great for teaching and explaining stuff on the web.