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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Consultancy - from opportunity, issue, problem, assumptions to solutions

IT Consultancy - from opportunity, issue, problem, assumptions to solution generation.

Consultancy is often more a process of facilitation rather than parachuting into a conflict zone and troubleshooting.

The consultant will often focus mainly on problem identification, digging in to the case to identify possible/potential issues.
Often you will need to make some assumptions, if so then decide and state them as they will probably form a background to further analysis.

For an operational technology case; possibly look at business process and workflows. For example, activity flows involving people, documents, and IT. Some of this may provide opportunities to redesign the user interaction or to devise shifts between digital and manual recording.

For a product/service feature development case; look at customer/user needs (met/unmet), feature usage, technology logs as evidence of use, prototyping, participant observation.

For a product/market/fit case; look at the economic characteristics of the product/service; market size, equivalent or substitute products, where is value produced? who benefits? network effects? transaction costs?

Problem/issue solutions might be suggested after this.