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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Definition for Digital Product Management

Product Owner - Product Development 
Outward facing responsibilities
You take responsibility for product line business development and reporting to the management team.
You help steer the development of the product through client feedback.
You provide Sales with the tools needed to sell the product (user guides, promotional materials etc.).
You prepare the demo kit for/with the sales team
Write and commission advertisements and article copy
You are involved in managing consumer communications via social media networks like Twitter / Facebook
You monitor and manage customer feedback / issues.
You will care about User Experience and User Interface design for consumer touch points – app, website etc, helping to develop, manage and maintain the company’s websites, market research, reporting revenue / costs, account management, product direction, PR, events, and marketing.
You will manage definition of the MVP (minimum viable product), identify pivots, engage the whole product development team, engage customers / users / players.

Inward facing responsibilities
You are involved in and manage product requirements elicitation and management, identifying feature goals (in-order-to's), and values of.
You manage the product backlog process.
You are involved in enhancing all aspects of the working environment.