Design, Develop, Create

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Exercise: Crowdsourcing research methods

Objectives (5') - S1-S2 

To quickly identify examples of interpretive research methods
To conduct independent research
To experience and reflect on group work
Note: This exercise helps you prepare for the research project which must employ at least two different research methods to conduct the empirical study (see ID Look, ID Learn, ID Ask, ID Try).

Transition (5')

Identify groups
1x IDEO cards to each student

Independent research starts (10') - S3 

In groups of 2 or 3
  • Critically evaluate one of the research methods provided.
  • Identify an actual example or extrapolate and suggest how the method could be used (without visual props). 
  • 10' to read, research and prepare of which 5' quiet time.

Presentation delivery (40')

20x 2-minute presentations (introducing each member and systems experience) and field one quick Q&A on the subject matter.