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Friday, 29 May 2015

Exercise: Follow up on construction learning points

Relate the actions in the construction exercise to concepts of:

  • Quality/Cost/Time/Scope.
  • Reqs-Analysis/Eval-Sourcing/Development-Test-Implement/Use-Maintain.

Ask yourself:

  • How did your group organise the construction work?
  • Is there a 'best' way to organise the construction activity?
  • How many people can work on the job at once?
  • At what point does adding more people make the job slower?
  • What happens when you change the shift (give the job to new workers)?
  • What is the design?
  • Who did the design?
  • Where was/is the design work done?
  • Would the exercise be improved if the instructions were in colour?
  • What did you do when you couldn't find a piece?
  • Did your group experience any setbacks?
  • When an error occurred what was the root cause of the problem?
  • Task completion time ranged from 20 to 40 mins (some groups do not complete).
  • How can we account for the large variation in group performance?
  • Would your performance improve if you built it again?
  • Would you performance improve if you built it a third time, a fourth time?
  • What if you discovered the grey pieces were faulty after making 100 units?

Take the following short survey to reflect on your understanding of this exercise
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Nice quotes:
"The pieces are the design, there is a lot of the design tied up in the actual pieces, you can do some things, you can't do others." 
"The elements and sub-parts are 'designed' too, the design goes from the low level right up through to the high level" 
"We had to improvise, you know, to understand a diagram you have to play around with it, see it from different angles, to really make sense of it." 
"The design is our process, our involvement in translating from one thing, the printed instructions, to the other, the thing we built."