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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Seminar: "Build the Thing Right"

Our next seminar, on Thursday 4th of June from 2pm to 6pm, will be hosted in the Innovation Lounge - Bank of Ireland, 1 Grand Canal Square, Docklands, Dublin 2.


Digital design and development is the innovation engine of the ICT-enable organisation. However collaborative production and delivery of robust systems presents significant challenges and team issues. This module provides an understanding of approaches used by professionals in this vital function, from the perspective of managers who supervise developers or liaise with them during innovation projects.


The seminar's theme is "Build the thing right".
The focus for this session is on techniques and processes used for managing design and development to deliver value. We cover current issues of the management of software production ranging from traditional sequential engineering approaches through to agile and lean methods. We consider how lifecycles and methodologies are employed to balance the tension between requirements for orderly production and the need to respond to change.
We will review key perspectives on the systems development lifecycle including:
a). Requirements,
b). Implementation,
c). Maintenance,
d). Evaluation.
Practical exercises will illustrate the dynamics of design and coordination activity on teams. The goal is to highlight prevailing assumptions around the design process and contrast these against empirical evidence generated from the exercise. Implications for planning and management are discussed.

Exercise: Guindon Design Activities
Exercise: Planning Battleship