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Monday, 25 May 2015

Thoughts on recording classroom sessions...

UCD does not currently have a policy on lecture recordings made by students from the general population.

In view of this I adopt the following policy for my own classes.
In general I do not record or permit recording of my classes for the following reasons.
Classroom discussions may involve confidential disclosure, personal opinions, and draw on privileged information, from students, guests and lecturers. Furthermore the learning process may itself be compromised if being recorded i.e. students may be reluctant to offer opinions.
In certain instances I will permit recording and release edited output, for example to produce additional learning materials or as a statement of record.

First some principles:
Ask permission first. Permission may be withheld.
No copyright is conferred therefore no copies should be made nor should they be distributed to others. Likewise no backup copy to be made.
The recording should be destroyed after a reasonable time, i.e. after reviewing and making notes, less than 3 months.
Turn off the recorder when requested.

Paraphrasing the University of Warwick policy: I believe that attendance in class is an important formative experience and that note taking during class is an important skill that must be practiced to be learnt. Therefore as a general point, recordings are not made to overcome class absence. Absentee students (whether due to illness, work, or other incapacity) have access to the slides and extensive notes provided on the website. 

Unless otherwise permitted by prior consent:
1. Permission is sought by whomever is recording part of a class.
2. Recordings are to be deleted after use.
3. No copyright is given.
4. No distribution allowed.

From time to time, if I (the lecturer) determine a need to record, photograph or video part of a class or exercise I will notify and seek the permission of those involved.

This statement does not negate UCD's guidelines for students with special access requirements (link).